esarrollo de Empresas, S.A. de C.V. (DESA) is a firm whose fundamental objective is to promote and advise in the acquisition and sale of businesses, as well as in any other transaction related to said activity, such as joint ventures and strategical alliances. In 1970, DESA carried out its first transaction and, since then, it has negotiated multiple transactions in practically all industrial, commercial and service areas, thus obtaining the necessary experience and expertise to successfully accomplish these transactions, assisting Mexican and foreign businessmen who decide to sell or to purchase businesses.

The selling of a business by its owner is both energy and time consuming; this also applies to whoever wishes to buy a business by himself, without experience. DESA, a professional intermediary, objectively fulfills, among others, the following important goals: obtaining the best sale or purchase price, diminishing the tensions and controversies between buyers and sellers, and keeping the transaction fully confidential.

DESAs service policy is based on professional ethics, personalized service, adequate strategies and permanent representation. DESAs partners have the necessary experience and expertise, and use the services of specialists in the financial, legal, fiscal and accounting fields, in order to assist their clients in the diverse situations that may arise.