There are several steps DESA must go through for the total or partial sale of a business.

  • Analysis of the sale: advantages, preparation of the prospect, possible range of values of the business, appropriate strategies, list of potential buyers, etc.
  • Promotion of the sale: delivery of the prospect and meetings with possible buyers.
  • Negotiation and closing of the sale: negotiation of price and conditions, and assistance in reviewing the corresponding agreements.

DESA holds an important portfolio of businesses for sale.

DESA, as in the case of the sale, assists its clients in the acquisition of businesses, looking after the buyers interest.

DESA advises conflicting partners who wish to separate, mediating in the negotiation and arranging the partition of equity.

DESA advises in the celebration of strategic alliances between firms, either national or foreign, interested in obtaining capital, additional market, technology, etc.

DESA seeks national or foreign investors, who may be willing to contribute capital to businesses.

DESA prepares prospects which include the presentation of the business and its financial projections. DESA analyzes and evaluates each and every factor involved, complex as it may be, in order to determine a price range. Due to the above, it is obvious that, in all such transactions, it is mandatory for DESA to make an evaluation of the business in question.